31 August 2011

Wherein I acknowledge a re-design of this site

     Normally I'm writing about something, and then I put those words on this site for you to read.  This time I will put together a few words to comment on the site itself.  It's not something I do often, but a re-working such as this deserves the aforementioned few words of mention.

     The previous site design was reaching for and yet completely missing the point of minimalism, and I've also had a thing for white text on a black background for a long time now. I don't know why.  And then there was the header: after proving to myself that I could make a passable representation of a lego brick in Photoshop, I proceeded to stack that image into the W so familiar to you.  The whole jumbled mess of header and 'design' came together onto this site, looking all too much like something a person with a lot of ambition and not many lego bricks would build and call a house.  I know, I've tried both.  The more I looked at the site, the less I liked it.  And so this.

     It's still very much a work in progress, but hopefully it's easier on your eyes now, and you find the down-toning and re-ordering of elements pleasing.  I'd like to hear what you think.  There's a comment link at the bottom of each post on the site, feel free to use it.
     So for my personal pride / sanity and for your eyesight, I present to you the re-designed Web-Legos, with all thanks to the Lego Corporation  for not forcing me to think up a new metaphor for the site.


26 August 2011

Wherein I wax superstitious

     Football season is nigh upon us, friends, that glorious span of the year where Sunday afternoon is held as sacred as Sunday morning (or Friday night, Saturday at some point, or Tuesdays, depending on your faith or devotion to Domino's pizza specials).  I watched the ultimate in pigskin onanism (don't look it up, mom) last night; the televised pre-season game*.

12 August 2011

How much bracing will I need in 12x earth g?

     For a blog called "Web Legos*", I almost never mention the actual plastic bricks that were and are my favorite toy. A story comes along occasionally that reminds me of this sad fact (my posting paucity, not the favoriteness of the toy).  In this case two of my favorite things (arguably 3), one of them legos*, collide in one event, and so I am compelled to mark the event herein.

10 August 2011

Re-Commission the Enterprise: A not-so-modest proposal

      Looking at a Network World slide show for some uses for the retired Space Shuttles I had an idea; something hinted at in the presentation, but not explicitly stated by its author. To wit: we must return the Enterprise to service. Enterprise was built to show that the shuttle’s design could safely glide back to earth and land, and she did that wonderfully. Concept proven she was partially dismantled and packed off to the Air and Space museum and thus into history. I say this is a waste of an opportunity.

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