22 July 2011

When customer service goes right

     If you're reading this, odds are you are aware of my need to write. I've also been told by some people that I can be clever, but I'm just trying to get by. Since I've also had no luck with getting traditionally published, I write this blog, I keep a journal, and I've come to find writing reviews for products purchased a nice outlet for some of my irreverence that would be less well suited for the office environs. I can understand writing reviews for gadgets with moving parts or shaving soaps that will result in happy or sad faces, but some reviews seem a little less pressing than others prima facie.

     Spiraling ever inward to a point, I recently bought an HDMI cable to use with my tablet from MonoPrice.com (see below). I've bought cables from them in the past, always had a good experience, but I don't recall having been asked to review my purchases. I mean, it's a cable. It works or it doesn't. Thinking about it more, providing a review for a cable's durability, stylishness, or any unfortunate smells from a glitch in the molding process makes a lot of sense. Still, I think I made my point. If anything needs a little extra sexy and some more fun, it's a review for a cable. But the fact remains that they asked me to review the cable, and I provided this:

 Pros: completes the circuit from gadget to displaydelivers 1s and 0scomes in a handy plastic coating to keep 1s and 0s from spilling out before they get to the display 
Cons: Fails to generate Unicorns, fairies, or genies with unlimited wishes, and the one genie that was generated only granted me one wish. Which I wasted on a soda. 
Why people pay through the nose at Retail outlets for digital cabling, for any cabling, is beyond me. I suppose if you suffer from such poor impulse control or poor planning that you can't wait a day or 3 for shipping then you deserve the 500% (give or take) markup in store. With the money saved by not buying retail and ordering one of these perfectly adequate and stylish cables, I could actually order enough to plug into all the HDMI ports on both my TVs. And still have enough for a Happy Meal. Because saving money makes me happy.
The End.  

     Like I said, irreverent. And apparently eye-catching. I received a thank you card in the mail today from John Lingo @ MonoPrice, with the following message:

Hello Robert,
     This is John Lingo and I wanted to personally thank you for writing an enjoyable review.  It got quite a few chuckles here in the office so keep writing those reviews!
John [initial] Lingo
     How cool is that? Even before the card I never hesitated to tell people to go to MonoPrice, because seriously, even with shipping your stuff is still cheaper than paying the exorbitant rates at your local retailer, but now I have direct evidence that they appreciate fine humor and are decent guys. You need some wires to make your pocket gadget talk to your wall gadget, or a doodad to make your old toy talk to your new toy? Go there. You can send me 10% of the difference between what they charge + shipping and what you'd have paid in the store and you'll still have money, and so will I. And so will they. I think I just solved our economic crisis. Now to get DeMarcus Smith on the phone.

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