22 July 2011

When customer service goes right

     If you're reading this, odds are you are aware of my need to write. I've also been told by some people that I can be clever, but I'm just trying to get by. Since I've also had no luck with getting traditionally published, I write this blog, I keep a journal, and I've come to find writing reviews for products purchased a nice outlet for some of my irreverence that would be less well suited for the office environs. I can understand writing reviews for gadgets with moving parts or shaving soaps that will result in happy or sad faces, but some reviews seem a little less pressing than others prima facie.

20 July 2011

Wherein I offer an idea for ebooks

     If I were Oprah, eBooks would be my new favorite thing. For a list of their virtues, look anywhere on the Internet; you'll find such a list several times over. Promise. These are why eBooks are my favorite thing, and as a voracious reader, I consume them the way my dog consumes food: as often and in as large a quantity as I am able. As much as I love them, I've identified two problems with eBooks.

19 July 2011

Goodbye Borders

     As much as it is possible to love a large chain store that homogenizes tastes across our vast nation, I have loved Borders. The store combined the best of variegated selection with the feel of a local one off bookstore. Not only for me, but for my marriage, Borders has been a favorite place for the Mrs. and I to go when we want to get out of the house.  Maybe we find a nice new book, maybe we merely browse, but we'd enjoy a cup of coffee, a pastry, and some time together watching the world go by.  And now we'll be watching Borders go by.

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