17 December 2010

Damn you, SyFy

I don't pretend that anyone in the position to change these things reads what I'm putting out here on the Internet, but this is my forum, I chose the color scheme, so I'm going to blow steam, even if no one is listening. At least I'll have registered my displeasure in the open.

SyFy used to have "SciFridays", and during those years there were a great number of shows that rotated through the lineup. StarGate SG-1, StarGate Atlantis (shut up I liked it), FarScape, Battlestar Galactica, even Lexx was tolerable in its own way, if you caught it in the second airing of the night, way too late, after maybe a few too many sugary caffeinated sodas. You know what I mean.

SciFridays are a thing of the past, but some good programming still lingers on the SyFy channel, but now they sprinkle these shows out during the week, when Friday was THE PERFECT NIGHT for it, 'cos nothing else was on.

Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven, I know I'm forgetting one or two (if anyone is out there, feel free to leave a pertinent comment.)

Sad thing is they show these decent shows often as lead in to wrestling, like they are going to trick us nerds into watching wrestling. F%&#ing wrestling on SyFy. Dramas on AMC is bad enough (maybe I'm a little concrete in my thinking, but channels should fill their niches and not blue the line. They don't have sitcoms on QVC - Oh GOD, what have I done? "Coming this Fall, 'Judy Deals', on QVC!"), but I want space ships and future tech and hot alien chicks and compelling examinations of the human condition mixed in with pew-pew action and witty turns of phrase and maybe, just maybe, a little braggadocio.

Not *&;^%$&* wrestling.

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Becca said...

I never got into SciFridays but I know what you mean. I guess Spike decided that WCWF or whatever it is now was a bit too unrealistic even for them. OR they had yet another police chase montage show that they had to get on there.

I do like the dramas on AMC. To be fair, AMC stopped showing "Classics" long ago. I'd rather see "Walking Dead" or "Mad Men" than "Jingle All The Way".

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