08 December 2010


I think it's been well established herein that I love me some coffee.
I recently went without for a few days recently while I got over a sore throat, suffering through with tea
To celebrate my return to black gold in a cup, (and inspired by this post*) here is how I order my americano:

When at Starbucks, I keep it simple: triple short americano, with room.  Yes, this amounts to 3 shots of espresso with a splash of water, but that splash is important.  It's like a splash of water in your scotch - allows you to enjoy the flavors of the beverage that much more.

When at other coffee shops, like our favorite Higher Ground in Hagerstown, MD (On the Dual Highway, check them out, good stuff, promise),  I get the smallest possible with an extra shot and ask them to leave some room.

But why room?  you ask.  Because the barrista dumps in the hottest water she can find, and I don't like my coffee hot enough to power space probes, so leaving room means less steel-melting water poured in.

I should probably just ask for room temperature water, but I don't want to be a pain.

*I'm not a normal reader of the linked blog (yet?), but that post was called out special for me by @smplnerd.

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