10 September 2010

Hub Opera Ensemble Presents GF Handel's Ariodante

The Mrs. has a starring role in this production, and she and her fellow cast mates have been working their butts off getting this whole thing  together; not only that, but I've heard the majority of the cast sing, and I know they have the pipes as well as the acting chops.
Watching from behind the scenes, offering what help I can (graphic design work, web/social media configuration/cooking the occasional dinner for folks), I confess I am very excited to finally get to see the production.  I'm sure I'll get a sneak peek before opening night, as I am hopefully going to get to shoot some stills during dress rehearsal, but I'm still excited for the big night.  I know the cast and crew are, too.
Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out how Hagerstown Community College is being an amazing partner for them in all of this.
What am I driving at?  Come see this opera! You won't have a chance to see this much talent perform for such a reasonable price ... until their Spring production!

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