01 August 2010

Vacating, Random thoughts

It's vacation week; I didn't so much need the vacation from work; to the contrary I love my job and enjoy spending the day with my co-workers.  I don't think any of them read this blog, so I'm not just saying that to suck up, either.  I need the vacation from driving down I-270 every morning.  Mind you, plans are in place to remove that portion of my commute, but for the present I'm forced to join the masses as we press our way to our jobs in and ner our Nation's Capital.  There's a lot to read by a lot of smart people on the topic of congestion on 270, so I won't bother with my driver's-side analysis.  I state the previous to impress upon you the one dark spot of my current daily existence.
But not this week!  Nay, friends, I am in sunny sub-tropical Jensen Beach, Florida.  I turn my head 60ยบ to the right and peering through patio furniture I see shell-strewn beach and a wind-blown Atlantic caressing America's shore.  It's more like a lake than the ocean (as I know it) own here.  Most of my ocean experience is Ocean City, MD.  Way fewer shells, way more waves (but no waves good for real surfing as I understand it).
So I'm here on vacation with the Mrs. and some good friends.  I left my laptop and my DSLR at home.  We have the Mrs.'s macbook (until recently mine) with us.  I'm using my iPhone for almost everything, as I'm currently in my "year of iPhone photography" (unless someone wants to pay me to take pictures, in which case I do have the DSLR ready to go).  Yes, I'm typing this on the macbook because log entries from the iPhone are painful (because of the interface, not because of the virtual keyboard).  I'm partially unplugged for the week, but not entirely.  There's a path-style construct down here that resembles the USB icon from this vantage point.  I'll tweet an image later (unless I did that last night).  So I might be doing my best Pennsic impression trying to step away from the tech for the week, I still have tech on the brain.  I'm such a nerd.
So far so good.  I'll try to remember to share some thoughts and impressions over the week, since this is my first time in Florida.  For more in-the-moment commentary, keep a weather eye on my Twitter feed (recent tweets appear on the home page of this blog for your convenience).
I'd say "aloha" for now, but I think "later ya'll" or "hasta luego" is more appropriate here.

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