13 August 2010

App Folder Purchases

I'm noticing some tech sites putting together lists of essential iPhone apps, some categorized (travel, shopping games, etc.), some are lists of "must have" apps.
Since iOS now has folders, it'd be nice if we had to option to purchase an entire folder of related / essential apps, for less than you'd pay for them all separately.  It's like buying the album rather than all the tracks separately in iTunes.  There are already recommended apps, and with Genius for Apps a folder could be recommended for you.
New to iOS?  Grab the "essential Apps" folder.  Addicted to Tower Defense?  There's a folder for that.
You see where I'm going with this, probably came to the same conclusion after the first sentence.

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Please consider selling entire folders of apps.



1 comment:

Sheryl said...

Kindle is my best friend on my ipod touch:) just saying

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