01 June 2010

Total Personal Worth Formula

I can't believe I've let this one go so long without sharing. This came to me as I was pondering how difficult it is to offload an item because of a memory attached to it, or some perceived utility.

I came up with this back in January; maybe it will help you de-clutter. Maybe you can offer refinements or helpful criticism to make it better?

WTP = Total Personal Worth (dollars)

R = Decimal between 0 and 1, closer to 0 for nostalgic people, closer to 1 for non-nostalgic people

n = Nostalgic value of an item (dollars)

W$ = Market-value of an item (like, what would it go for on eBay)

u = Utility (a simple integer multiplier on a scale of -10 to 10, where -10 is that it actively impedes you from getting things done))

r = Resources consumed, in dollars (if it takes up space, how much is that space worth in rent, or if it consumes energy, what does that energy cost?)

So that formula is:

If nothing else it's a good thought exercise to put you in the right frame of mind before tackling a large cleaning project.

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