02 June 2010

Iron Man 2: Don't Hate the Player

After my fawning review of Iron Man, you'd think maybe I'd hold Iron Man part deux up to a ridiculously high standard. You'd be sort-of right. I've read a lot of reviews that say it's not a good movie, lacking in whatever it is people who are paid to be critics and know a lot about movies like to complain is lacking from movies. I've also read it intimated that RDJ himself was less than happy with making this movie, artistically.
I enjoyed the movie (btw, guy sitting behind us? it's "Captain America", not "Mr. America". Mr. America is a DC Hero. You fail at being a comic book nerd. Hang your head in shame, dork) as did the Mrs. About the only movie I can remember NOT liking is that Twilight abomination fro ma few years back, but I'll go so far as to say I couldn't find anything to laugh at in the trailer for the upcoming installment of that fran ... I was talking about Iron Man. Sorry.
This feels like a set up movie. This feels like a movie that should have been about 30 minutes longer. I needed to see some more of Tony Stark really dealing with the fact that he was dying, in a fashion different from using a high tech glucose meter to check the level of his blood toxicity, and then mugging for the camera in the mirror (btw, did you catch the "mirror shot" where he lifts his hand and the "reflection" decides to join him in the new pose about a beat later? Hidden homage to the Marx brothers?).
What the first Iron Man and the 2 new Batman movies have shown us (and the Hulk movies have thus far failed to show us) is that movies based on comic books are a unique opportunity to explore the humanity of these characters beyond the page. Don't get me wrong, I love me some pew-pew and WHOOOSH and bang-smash clank VRRROOWWRRRR BOOOM!!
I think it's more that there was a missed opportunity here than a bad movie. The third Iron Man should be fantastic; all of the actors associated with the franchise are fantastic. Give them something to chew on, people. RDJ looks hungry.

Oh, and I still want JARVIS in the worst way. At least his interface. That sweet, sweet holographic interface.

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