01 June 2010

Garden Ramble: 2010 Special Edition

My garden rambles have always been centered around the doings of my vegetable garden. As the Mrs. and I are hoping to sell our house before the year is out AND my new commute eats up most of the time I would have used for vegetable gardening, I sacrificed my patch of hard-worked land to grass seed. So no vegetable garden this year. My herbs are growing like crazy - some volunteer basil and cilantro have even joined the party - and I planted all of the flower seeds I'd collected in years past into pots, a decent number of which have sprouted.

My efforts have largely turned to houseplants, and praying that the grass continues to fill in - this 4th Summer in our house and I feel like the yard is actually looking like a yard, not some guy's head in desperate need of Propecia. Houseplants because they are portable and year-round, and the yard because it's easier to sell a house with a decent looking back yard than a house with a back yard that, well, you already know. Bald spots. Also, I know that all-grass lawns are ridiculously bad for the environment, so I am pleased to report that there is a healthy "weed" component to the burgeoning lawn, and it looks fine when cut. Environmentally friendly AND aesthetically pleasing.

The most exciting news is that a plant I had thought dead and gone, and was only a bored Sunday afternoon away from the compost bin, has actually returned to life! My father gave me a hot pepper plant that I took to work with me when the weather turned foul and nursed it through the winter; the poor thing lost its last leaves some time in February or March. It has sat, a sad stalk, in its pot on my back porch (to the Mrs.' consternation) ever since. While watering the living plants yesterday I noticed that it looked suspiciously green. My friends, a miracle! The pepper plant has sprouted new leaves along the stem, and maybe by my birthday it could even sprout a pepper or two!

My birthday is in September.

Yes, every year.

So no lengthy commentary on how my squash are looking this year, but know that I am still keeping the thumb green, and that wherever we next call home, I plan to implement some form of vegetable garden. Some friends have one of those upside-down tomato grower gardens where you can plant stuff on top of the tomatoes, and it really works. Maybe that will be the next go-round; it all depends on how much room upon which I'll have to ramble.

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