29 December 2009

Happy New Year!

I wonder if anyone out there still has this in their RSS feed, or if anyone is even checking in.
According to the suddenly working Google Analytics, you are not.
And that is fine, because I seem to have become among the thousands (millions?) who abandon their web-logs. Please accept my apologies.
I will be posting my most excellent final paper for my Software Maintenance course (I know you are all DYING to read it) when my degree status changes from "Applied" to "Awarded".
While the grades are in, I'm feeling a little superstitious, and don't want to do anything to jinx myself.
I promise to share some more interesting things with you in the coming weeks, like the miracle of the Swedish ivy (is it as delicious as their fish? Find out!), the little basil that could, and maybe, just maybe, I'll wax poetic on how much I want to get back to Hawai'i.

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