06 September 2009

Tweeting the Words Right Out of My Web-Log

I bought the iPhone, and right around the same time I found out that my username was available on Twitter. I then installed the Twitfon app, and the rest is a series of 140 character or less statements, a good chunk of which may have become full-blown web-log posts.
Depending on how you feel about these web-log posts, that is either a good thing or a bad thing.
Either way I've been neglecting my web-log. I apologize.
I do not make any promises to write more, because that's most likely lying. I'll just drop a list of random thoughts I might write / have written about, twitter style:

-My garden is still growing. Hot peppers, volunteer tomatoes / cantaloupe are the crop of the moment. I'm hoping to get a good fall planting in within the next couple of weeks. I'll grow radishes if it kills me. Swedish ivy is an amazingly hardy plant.

-School, the Final Semester is starting up again THIS WEEK! Oh man, and thanks to a weekend of working on work, I feel like I'm already behind on school stuff.

-Stanza is awesome; I've adapted to using my iPhone as an eBook reader handily.

-Seriously, I'm telling you, the iPhone 3GS is an amazing piece of technology. Snapshot taking, quick videos, surfing the inter-webs, checking email, twitter, playing games, making notes, etc. etc. It's the digital Swiss Army Knife I always knew I needed but could never find.
Did I mention it plays music?
I do still miss album shuffle, though!
Maybe I'll do a search on that.
I promise I'm not a shill for Apple. I just really dig the thing.

Okay, now I'm just rambling.

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