28 September 2009

Responsible Browsing

Obviously I don't write in this web-log for the money. If I did I'd be better off sating my writing jones transcribing Bibles in an itchy rode and a bad haircut.
As a web professional in a vein different from that of the professional "blogger" (ugh for the name, oh how I wish I could be one; to loiter in coffee shops or my house all day, reading articles and composing thoughtful commentary for your consumption), I am acquainted with some of the vagaries of Internet-based advertising, but I found this article on Slate fairly enlightening, since the vagaries with which I am acquainted are of the "upload a banner ad and set it to run on a specific part of the website" variety, not so much the "how the stats are reported" kind.
Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle.

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