28 September 2009

Responsible Browsing

Obviously I don't write in this web-log for the money. If I did I'd be better off sating my writing jones transcribing Bibles in an itchy rode and a bad haircut.
As a web professional in a vein different from that of the professional "blogger" (ugh for the name, oh how I wish I could be one; to loiter in coffee shops or my house all day, reading articles and composing thoughtful commentary for your consumption), I am acquainted with some of the vagaries of Internet-based advertising, but I found this article on Slate fairly enlightening, since the vagaries with which I am acquainted are of the "upload a banner ad and set it to run on a specific part of the website" variety, not so much the "how the stats are reported" kind.
Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle.

23 September 2009

Post Necromancy, Failing Memory?

I'm looking over my Google Analytics for the web-log, and I see a post that got 4 hits (what's up Zagreb!); but, it is a filename I don't remember and it's from July 2008 no less. Not long after I started my word-sharing over here vs. on Myspace. The post was this:


The problem is I don't remember writing this. I'm really good about citing sources - between High School, Undergrad, and Grad School I've written too many papers to blatantly lift something without giving credit where it's due. I mean, I'm not Eric Bauman (a/k/a "eBaum"). Did I get that right? Bauman? Whatever.

So am I losing my mind, or do I need to edit in a source?

06 September 2009

Tweeting the Words Right Out of My Web-Log

I bought the iPhone, and right around the same time I found out that my username was available on Twitter. I then installed the Twitfon app, and the rest is a series of 140 character or less statements, a good chunk of which may have become full-blown web-log posts.
Depending on how you feel about these web-log posts, that is either a good thing or a bad thing.
Either way I've been neglecting my web-log. I apologize.
I do not make any promises to write more, because that's most likely lying. I'll just drop a list of random thoughts I might write / have written about, twitter style:

-My garden is still growing. Hot peppers, volunteer tomatoes / cantaloupe are the crop of the moment. I'm hoping to get a good fall planting in within the next couple of weeks. I'll grow radishes if it kills me. Swedish ivy is an amazingly hardy plant.

-School, the Final Semester is starting up again THIS WEEK! Oh man, and thanks to a weekend of working on work, I feel like I'm already behind on school stuff.

-Stanza is awesome; I've adapted to using my iPhone as an eBook reader handily.

-Seriously, I'm telling you, the iPhone 3GS is an amazing piece of technology. Snapshot taking, quick videos, surfing the inter-webs, checking email, twitter, playing games, making notes, etc. etc. It's the digital Swiss Army Knife I always knew I needed but could never find.
Did I mention it plays music?
I do still miss album shuffle, though!
Maybe I'll do a search on that.
I promise I'm not a shill for Apple. I just really dig the thing.

Okay, now I'm just rambling.

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