24 July 2009

Traveling Man, Hawaii Day 1

I'm sitting in LAX as I type this, at the top of a 4.5 hour layover. MY day actually started yesterday (7/22), because since I got home from work yesterday afternoon I've only aught a few catnaps, some watching TV, some while in the plane. I might just be exhausted enough to sleep from LA to HI. Of course, there's a Starbucks 30 feet from where I'm sitting, so bets are off. I do know that I'll sleep the sleep of the dead tonight. Whenever tonight is.
Back home it's 1130 in the morning - it's only 830 here (just in case you couldn't do the math). It took us just about 5 hours to get from Virginia to California.
Speaking of the flight, as I stared down at and took photos of the stark beauty that is the Western half of our nation I had a thought: it's called 'flyover country' by those of us on either coast (East Coast represent) as a derogatory term, but I would state that one of the few ways to truly enjoy the magnitude of the austere majesty of our nation is from the air.
Here's another thought - why not make the seats on the planes out of the same material as the seats in the boarding lounge? These things are comfy! Well, let's see if I'm still saying that in four hours.

Other random thoughts:

§Industry and Government should partner to use commercial aircraft as atmospheric data gathering platforms, if they aren't already doing so. Think about the real-time data that could be gathered as planes criss-cross the country.

§I'm hoping for a few celebrity sitings over the next four hours, but do celebs fly Delta? After all, Delta loves them some flyin, and it be showin'...

§My Teutonic Tourist count is presently at 9. There were 5 young ladies speaking German (I almost understood them ... almost) that shared the flight from Dulles, and there is a German speaking family here in the lounge. What's the deal with German tourists this year?

§I'm not giving it a full review, but "17Again" was the in flight movie, and it didn't suck. Sure, Matthew Perry's acting range makes Jeff Goldblum look positively Shakespearian, but it was a fairly clever retelling of "It's a Wonderful Life". Thomas Lennon was pretty good, and even though it's a goofy movie, it wasn't Twilight bad.

- - - The Next Day (T + 1) - - -

Sat next to a Ms. Swan analog on the flight from LA to HI, and watched the following movies:

§ Dragonball: Evolution; I invested a lot of hours in Dragonball Z years ago, and I was afraid of what this movie was going to be, but maybe it was the sleep deprivation, maybe it was the desire for escapism, but I enjoyed it. Shut off your brain fun, but that's what it was always about. I actually think they did a pretty good job of translating it from animation to live action, of course if they'd been exacting, the fight scenes would have made it a 4 hour movie. I've already typed too much, but I'd pay to see a sequel in theatres. Again, not Twilight bad.

§ Monsters vs. Aliens; Another fun movie. Dreamworks did a good job with this. I enjoyed the jokes, especially those that were intended to go over the heads of kids, which made it even funnier. We need more multi-layered cleverness.

§ Taken; only the first 2/3 I think, but enough time to watch Liam Neeson kick ass on 2 continents. I really want to see the end of this now, because I'm hoping he gets to stick it to the kid's mom and her 2nd husband, because they act like toolbags.

- - -

I've had dinner, half a concert (where the singing was good but I was exhausted), about 12 hours of sleep, and some freakin' awesome breakfast, and I've even managed to get the Internet connection working where I'm staying. Seriously, though, Waimea Coffee Company. They are completely awesome. We got there just in time to get a pretty large piece of Organic Blueberry Coffee Cake with icing to go with my 2 shot Americano.

There's a stream with just enough of a waterfall right outside our window to generate soothing white noise, and the view is amazing. Honestly, though, some of it reminds me of home; the hills, the standardized signage. Down by the shore is definitely a Martian environment, with lava fields just in the first stages of growing grasses and lichens that are breaking down the rocks and generating the biomass so future plants can take root. I'd love to see some of these in 1000 years, it'll probably be jungle.

As you can tell my thoughts aren't incredibly organized at the moment, but I wanted to share in some more detail than Twitter might allow. Check out my Twitter feed (look to your right) for some iPhone photos I've taken so far. I promise to aim for some more coherency as the trip progresses.


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