17 July 2009

Garden Ramble: WTF Edition - UPDATE 7-24-09

I've mentioned the volunteer cucumbers and tomatoes that choked out what little spinach I grew and have been thriving in a corner of my garden (well, the "cucumber" has been slowly vining out into the rest of the garden) ? Well if not, there you go.
Anyway, I was looking at the garden this evening and I noticed that the babies on the vine looked a lot rounder and fuzzier than any cucumbers I've ever seen.
I, I think I might have some kind of melon or something. Now I'm trying to think of what sort of seeds have been tossed into the compost - watermelon, cantaloupe?
It is a mystery, one that I likely won't find the answer to until after Hawaii.
Nothing like surprise gardening!

7-24-09: Looking like watermelon, based on the WATERMELON I found growing on the vine, all distorted because it (the melon proper) was growing around the handle of the plastic compost can.

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