15 July 2009

Always Watch Your Six

I was going to call this "Highway to the Body Shop: My Wednesday Morning Commute", but that headline is blatantly sensationalist and my car is fine, and I am fine.
That said, I was riding up South Mountain this morning rolling with the flow (probably following a little too close for regulations -- but no closer than anyone else, commuters know) when suddenly the line of cars snaking its way up the left lane lit up with red.

RED Anger, frustration, Holy Shit everyone is stopping short BRAKE check the rear view - the guy behind isn't going to slow in time release the brake oh crap the angry red line is a lot slower and much closer time to brake nope he's gonna rear end me don't need that time to ditch but let's try to stay on the road swerve left don't hit the guy in front rumblerumblerumblerum - hey it's moving again.
Traffic spread out nicely after that, we all kept a safe distance, and I noticed behind me that the new friend I narrowly avoided making this morning (work through the syntax ... there, you got it) had moved into the middle lane, safely away from the rear of the vehicle he only avoided by the skill of the driver in front of him. Me. This is my web-log so I think a little braggadocio on my part is only warranted because half the point of keeping one of these is to remind people of how clever you are, right? I felt particularly clever, but mostly lucky, after that averted crisis.
To all the kids reading out there pay attention to your Driver's Ed instructors. Mr. Leasure's words rang in my ears today, "always leave yourself an out". If I'd had myself wedged between a few semis and a jersey wall with nowhere to go, I'd still be on the phone with the insurance company.
Oh, and just some generally good advice from me: always watch your six.
Also also: eat your broccoli. It's good for you.

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