14 July 2009

9 Days 'til Hawaii

In such short time my friends I will board winged Mercury and take flight with old Sol into the West, alighting on the shores of Paradise. For a fortnight's half I will breathe the heady airs and trod the nubile shores wrought of Pele's anger brought cool by Pacific kiss. I will be rejoined with my love, segregated from my toils, and set free to indulge in my passions. I shall enter that burning Ring of Fire seeking transfiguration, but I'll settle for some lazy days, tasty coffee, and abundant margaritas. I'm ready for my vacation.
9 days til Hawaii. I'm so close to mentally checking out. Coming to work next week is going to be painful. I started packing last night, since I've done all the laundry and have more clean clothes than I ought.
While I'm out there I plan to do a lot of photography (duh), drink a lot of good coffee (double duh), and kill off the weaker brain cells (margaritas are my friend).
Actually, it's closer to 8 days at this point. That's just awesome.

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