01 June 2009

Zack & Miri

I, like most people my age, am a Kevin Smith fan; not quite a Secret Stash-visiting, trench-coat wearing super fan, but I've seen Clerks II, I own Clerks the Animated Series on DVD, and I can quote ("What's a 'Nubian'?"). But I haven't seen Jersey Girl, and until recently I hadn't seen Zack & Miri Make a Porno. Though it was on that mental list of movies to watch that we all carry around with us.
Zack and Miri can't pay the rent or any of the bills, they live in a Pittsburgh suburb (big points for getting out of Jersey, KS, but Pittsburgh? You're trying to make NJ look better by comparison, right?), they are roommates, and they don't have love lives. Cutting right to it, the Mac guy ("Hi, I'm a Mac" - I know it's Justin Long, settle down) does a great job as a gay porn actor, and thanks to him and some YouTube serendipity Zack gets a big idea to make a porn movie to pay the rent and convinces Miri et al to go along.
Of course Jason Mewes is cast as the male lead in the film, and we get some fun work out of Katie Morgan and Traci Lords (Google them at your own risk, oh, and take "fun work out of" as you will...). Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks are completely believable as Zack and Miri.
Yes, the plot is a little contrived and some things seem too convenient, but who cares, because it's funny - I haven't laughed this hard at a movie in a long time; in fact, bonus points if any one can tell me the last time I said that about a film - and it's just fun.
Given that this movie's been out for awhile, this review is about as dated as the Reebok Pumps scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but the movie was good enough that I wanted to drop a few paragraphs on you (a/k/a 'grafs' in the newspaper biz) related to the hilarity. If boobs, brief full-frontal, plenty of farcically simulated sex, and liberal use of the F-bomb don't phase you, then check it out.
If any of these things DO phase you, I'm sorry.

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David Stock said...

It was a hilarious film and I quite enjoyed it. :)

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