22 June 2009

So this is pretty cool...

This guy's 'blog' post makes me feel good for several reasons:

1. He updates his blog less frequently that I update my web-log.

2. A LEGO CONVENTION! I mean, I knew they had to exist, but oh finely plastic brick nirvana, whence might I snap myself upon thy dimpled green surface to suffer a thousand tiny pricks of plastic bricks, hands sifting to find the gem, the missing piece.

3. The aforementioned gives me a reason to go to Chicago, assuming Heaven descends upon The Second City annually.

4. The iPhone is really cool.

5. I want one even more now.

6. Nerd Justice!

7. I have a reason to consider purchasing MobileMe. (I wanted for a reason, I did).

8. A LEGO CONVENTION - it's worth mentioning twice, and you know it.

That is all.

1 comment:

Jared said...

Indeed, it is cool. A little on the "are you sure you want to be doing that" side, but cool regardless. It's amazing he got the phone back unscathed.

Nerd Justice FTW!

MobileMe + push for contacts/calendars/mail + FMI = teh win! If you get an iPhone, it's definitely something to snag for those 2 things alone. Hooray for enterprise features at home!

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