08 June 2009

About to Burst

I've been a nerd my whole life, the smart kid, and a tinkerer. It's genetic, coming down both lines. Later in life I developed an aesthetic sense, and after years of tinkering with Windows, I also needed a new OS to tinker with. It also helped if it Just Worked™ (You're Welcome, Jared). With that, and some encouragement from friends, I started running my first Mac, and eventually became a fan boy, much in the same way I'm a trek nerd - I mostly keep it to myself. Except for web-log posts, but no one reads these anyway, right? Where was I? Right:
Mac, iPod (in roughly that order), and today I'm still rocking out my 5G iPod Video and a 13" 2007 Macbook. I love them, and I love my sister for hooking me up with her old RAZR when I had to give back my company-sponsored blackberry when I switched jobs a little over a year ago, but it's about time for a change on 2/3 of those things, and I'm about to burst in anticipation - you know the super slo-mo video of the apple shot by a bullet? How the apple EXPLODES everywhere when the energy is transferred from the bullet to the apple? I'm the apple, and the iPhone is the bullet. I know, NERD.
I've been following the iPhone, dare I say lusting after it, since it was announced. Since before it was announced. I dare say my own speculation involved some sort of rotary-click wheel dialer to add phone functionality to existing iPods, but oh how deliciously wrong I was.
I've always wanted one, but at the time couldn't justify the expense; my iPod was still working great, and I had a phone, and plus, they were cool, but how much cooler were they going to get? And when was the iPhone going to hit the same level of storage that my present iPod has? 30 GB is that important level for me. Plenty of room for my music collection (quality control keeps it in check) and a few movies.
According to rumor that much like me is nearing the boiling point, the new iPhones that will be announced are going to have 32GB of storage. That alone is enough to put me in line to buy one. If any of the other rumors (the matte redesign, video capture) are true then I'll be even happier, but it's already a bitchin' piece of hardware, and now that it's likely going to have the storage capacity I desire, I'm getting one. If I don't explode first from the anticipation.
But what of the 30GB iPod 5G Video, you cry? eBay, so that I can recoup some of the upfront cost of the iPhone as well as allow someone else out there the chance to enjoy some classic iPod love.

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