21 May 2009


There's an article in today's Frederick News-Post about parents who have created a website to draw attention / rally support against the TERC Math Curriculum that's being phased in in Frederick County.
I don't have kids in Frederick County Public Schools, shoot, I don't have kids, but with family and friends in the education system these are the things I try to pay attention to.
It's bad enough that this program turns basic arithmetic into a long-winded, byzantine process, but it's even worse that when confronted with the reality, and questioned on it, an ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT for FCPS says this:

"We're very pleased with the progress we're seeing," she said. "Every classroom I've visited this year has had a very high level of engagement and a high level of activity."
-(Bonnie Ward, associate superintendent of curriculum, instruction and evaluation)

Folks, friends, readers, this is some of the most obvious political double-speak I've seen in recent years, and I listen to NPR almost daily. Nowhere, you'll notice, does she say that the program is succeeding, only that they are pleased with progress, and that there's "a high level of activity". That could mean anything, people. It could mean that the children are solving problems at a record pace, or that they are rending their garments and wailing in the aisles between their little desks. Part of the reason I'd go into politics is to cut through the bullshit and just be honest. I'd never get elected.

This empty statement, as you can tell, irks me, as does TERC. Check out the FNP article, or I guess the parents' site (I haven't checked the latter). The article has examples of math problems. Someone thought this was easier? I smell cronyism, or worse: incompetence.

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