18 April 2009

What is the Matrix, Neo-Office?

Through a series of convolutions that you all have come to now as Rob-esque (Robian, Robbiestyle?, whatever), I run NeoOffice, the OS X optimized version of OpenOffice(.org - what is the deal with that nomenclature?).
I had, until last night, kept an old copy of MS Office V.x on my system as an insurance policy even though I greatly preferred NeoOffice. Last night I took the plunge and uninstalled MS Office off my system, partially fortified by third party conclusions in an aticle I read about a staunch PC writer whose editor had him running a mac for a fortnight. Overnight while I was sleeping, apparently my mac fell into a coma. Likely because I never reboot and I am an OS tinkerer. Old habits die hard, right Jared?
Point is I'm working on a huge project and I couldn't remember if I'd saved my final round of changes (at 11:30 last night), so I was resigned to losing some of what I'd typed.
Not So! NeoOffice recovered it all for me, formatting and everything, where any copy of MS Office(Word) that I've ever used recovers a half garbled mess along with what you were lucky enough to save before the fall, uhm, crash.
My conclusions? You all need to go buy Macs (iMacs, Mac Pros, MacBooks, Mac Minis, if you have the cash how about a MacBook Air?) and install NeoOffice to do your work. Virtual Box will fill your needs for any filthy Windows work you need to do (like MS Project - SIGH).
Just a little advice and a love letter to some hard working FOSS programmers out there. Looks like I owe you a donation! Someone hold my feet to the fire on that one, these guys need donations as much as publicity. Because I am a publicity MACHINE.
Right, back to my project.


Jared said...

Yes. Yes they do.

I like Neo-Office, but support OOo as they work more openly with groups like Sun (eg. StarOffice) and IBM, who contributes code from Lotus Notes 8 and Lotus Symphony. Having corporate-backed support will help further the wedge in the market place that Sun tried to do by releasing the StarOffice source code (as OOo) in the first place.

Neo-Office gets my vote at Fruit because it uses the same Cocoa interface elements to make things easier for users, especially switchers. If they can get that Universal Access stuff fixed with the recent release, then they should be in a position to do very well. It's a shame they can't come to terms with OOo to merge the code-bases together.

For my own workflow, I've gone all-Fruit with iWork ('09 is very nice) + Bento (or MySQL). I still have Office 2004 and Office 2008 sitting in a binder in case it's needed (lol!).

Jared said...

Off-subject, but speaking of tinkering and old habits dying hard, play with this sometime: ZFS on OS XIt works well enough through the CLI. I was able to setup a zpool using a few ZFS-formatted flash drives (formatted from OpenSolaris).

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