03 April 2009

Quick Hits Before Work

We went to the store last night, and one of the items on the list was some hair jelly (O reference where art thou?) for me. I haven't bought any hair fixatives in a long time because the last time I bought some there was a great sale so I stocked up, and then I went through an au natural phase. Hey, you are that curious, or else you wouldn't be reading this, Q.E.D.
Since I couldn't find any Dapper Dan around I examined my other options. I had almost decided on one particular tube of follicle goo when reading the label I took note of the warning to keep it out of eyes. The last time I check my hair is pretty close to my eyes. Not that I have a habit of rubbing my eyes with gooey hands, but who knows what might happen when one is half asleep? I did not purchase that brand.
I did however purchase a competing brand which I am using for the first time this morning, and I can still smell it.
In other news, I had a clever though yesterday morning on my way in to work: I then completely forgot it by the time I sat down at my desk to scribble it down, so if you see any errant clever thoughts floating around that look like they might be mine, let me know? Thanks!
Finally, School ends for me 4/26 (until Fall semester). Mark your calendars.

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