10 April 2009

It feels so much later...

Why do semesters always end in fevered frenzies to completion? The papers come due, the finals are offered, projects are critiqued. Does anyone REALLY do their paper weeks before it's due?
The good news is that I finished the first of 2 papers and that the second will hopefully be a lot easier. I also found time last night to deploy the compost I started last Spring and get most of the vegetable garden planted! I mean, some of the stuff is either old seed or experiments (let's see if I can get some potatoes to grow), but most of the seed I bought last Summer and spent the Winter nice and dry and not overly cold. A week or so should tell the tale.
If the old seed or the potatoes fail to sprout, more room for peppers and squash when it comes time to plant those favored vegetables.
Can I tell you the satisfaction I felt shoveling that compost out onto the garden beds (looks like a pair of graves for 7' tall people lacking headstones right now), knowing that it all started as garden, yard, and kitchen waste? I'm going to start saving my apple cores and orange peels from my lunches to deposit, knowing that come next Spring I'll have the best kind of fertilizer - effective and FREE.
Does compost count as an Open Source project? I mean, I control what goes into it, other people can contribute, and it doesn't cost me anything. Have I spent too much time this week reading up on FOSS? Probably.
I do know that this brief evening's planting coupled with the promising shoots already coming out of the ground (mint, sage, chrysanthemums, lemon balm, chamomile, oregano, other flowers...) means that in another couple of weeks and with another round of seeding the various pots that your fondest wish will come true and you'll have another season of Garden Rambles to share and enjoy!
Seriously, it feels way later than not-quite-midnight. Happy Easter! Go Jesus!

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