16 March 2009

Garden Ramble: Hello 2009

I know, it's been 2009 for a few months now, but garden-wise all I've been doing is praying that my oregano made it through the dark days without giving up the ghost. It has. It's actually looking a LOT happier these days. Some of my houseplants aren't thriving as I'd hoped they would. I split my peace lilly into 2 back in the Fall and it's been an uphill struggle for both parts ever since. My ficus - which hadn't been doing well for awhile - finally lost its last few leaves over the winter. Successfully, though, I've managed not to kill the spider plant I started with babies from my mother-in-law. It actually seems to be thriving.
Given that my cubicle/desk is right next to a giant west-facing window, I have a small garden of very happy plants - as long as I remember to water them. The air in this place is extremely dry and seems to leech moisture right out of the soil.
My indoor gardens have kept me minorly occupied over winter, but I'm getting itchy to hit the dirt out back and out front of the house, to get the petunias potted and the radishes in a row. I want blossoms front and back and veggies ripe on the vine waiting for a quick trip to the dinner table (and not Zoe's stomach). It's almost that time. Some bulbs my father gave me over a year ago finally went into the ground this past fall, and they have sprouted! Hopefully we'll see some flowers on them soon, as we likely would have the tulips I bought if I'd remembered to put them in the ground. I also planned to start seeds inside this winter, but for whatever reason I never got around to it. The best intentions and such. I may just break down and buy seedlings from the local nursery.
All of this in good time, though. This week, friends, as Spring barrels toward us (Friday!), and I have no school work (Spring Break!) and the weather is meant to be nice (weather! - okay, I'm done) I'm going to get the ground prepared. Soil will be turned over, compost/fertilizer will be added, fences will be put up to keep out dogs who think that flower gardens make excellent places to mark territory, and basically I plan to have the framework in place to which we will lovingly add seeds, seedlings, and full-on plants that will grow into a lush and verdant piece of scenery that will be soothing to both eye, nose, and soul.
I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer, my friends. The next ramble will likely regale you (bore you to tears) with tales of plantings. Maybe I'll remember some photos then.


Becca said...

yay! I need to get my compost pile fermenting instead of rotting. This year I'm planning on planting sunflowers as an ersatz wall by the white house and doing some veggies in containers. I also have a bunch of marigold heads if you would like some.

Unknown said...

We're looking at sunflowers-as-privacy-fence, too!
I have so many marigold heads that we'll probably have an entire yard of them. Hmm, container veggies...

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