13 January 2009

When I Am King

I had something of an epiphany recently. A moment where my life's direction - at least for the next few years - made itself clear. As a child I had one over-arching goal: to go to college. I knew I was one of the smart kids (they kept telling me that), and I liked school. I knew I'd end up in a University, and so I did.
The clarity has been a little less on the clear side these past few years, but I now know that my future firmly lies in the realm of IT management. I'll be a damned fine manager, because I've served under some damned fine men (and women) from whom I've learned a lot about how to treat your staff, your customers, and your equipment.
Quick note: present co-workers and supervisors fear not - I am not leaving, and I have no other position lined up. I am looking to my future. As such, as I think of them, I am going to start another series, "When I Am King", about what I am going to do when it's my shot to run an IT Department.

When I am king, I will make sure we have the best virus/trojan/mal-ware protection available. Users will be taught good common sense about attachments, and when they visit a seemingly harmless website to read a bit of news, and find themselves infected with a particularly insidious piece of mal-ware that requires one of my staff, or perhaps even myself, to crawl inside the OS and cut out the infection bit by bit (hah - get it?), they will know that we have policies in place to protect them against any potential data loss.
Good network backups, sensible user policies, and quality (and up to date) virus protection software will all stand ready to get my users back to work with a minimum of interruption.
Ideally I'd convince my superiors that moving to Linux (or even Apple OS X, if they are so inclined) on the desktop is the first and best defense against viruses/trojans/etc. If we have Windows licenses that were purchased and not yet at their end, then we'll employ the virus protection tools I listed above.
No user should fear a virus. No user should waste half a morning (like I just did) in the efforts to eradicate an infected PC. No member of my staff should spend an entire night sanitizing an entire call center of PCs (like I have, only a few years ago) because a worm broke through our defenses, though we will, if called, gladly serve.
When I am king, we will be protected from viruses, because it is the smart thing to do.

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