02 January 2009

Perry Bible Fellowship Returns?

If you aren't familiar with the Perry Bible Fellowship, normally I'd tell you to click the name and visit the site, but when you visit the site you get this message:

"Site down for maintenence[sic]. Back up soon."

I realized this when out of the blue 10 new entries hit my RSS Reader last week, all of them seemingly new comic titles, though my attempts to visit the site and figure this out were met with the above.
A cursory Google search prior to writing this only gave me news from July 2008 of his new book.
I ask you, all 3 of you, my readers, what news have you of PBF Comics? Do you know if there are some new works in the pipeline, or was this a mere glitch in the system tempting me with old comics, whose titles I do not recall?
He said he was only going into semi-retirement a year ago, which is why I, in hope, added his RSS feed to my reader. The anticipation is delicious.

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