07 January 2009

My Theory Regarding the MacWorld Keynote

I followed the "liveblog" yesterday as the keynote rolled on, curious as I always am as to what new goodies Apple was going to shower us with. As I read the ongoing report it became clear that this was ... boring. I'm excited about iLife '09 (I might even pick up a copy), and I'm tempted to try the iWork online Beta, and the new 17" MacBook Pro looks sexy as hell (I'll never own one: 17" notebooks defeat the purpose for me, and I hope to never drop $2800 on a personal computer), but nothing grabbed my imagination. I was curious about an iPhone Nano, but most interested in the purported Mac Mini refresh. The Mini is the mac nearest and dearest to my heart because it was the first Mac form-factor I owned brand-new out of the box, and I still like the fact that's it's inexpensive enough to be a viable Apple computer for the unwashed masses to cleanse themselves upon. (There's a metaphor for you). These were not forthcoming, even with the usual detective work seemingly iron-clad on the whole thing. iPhone Nano = centrifuge parts?
Before it was even over I began to ponder this boring presentation. Apple doesn't normally waste such an opportunity before an adoring audience, but it's fairly obvious that they did. As one web-log writer put it, most of this material would normally have come out in a press release. This begs the question: why?
I've been reading the other articles and weblog posts that have been written in the hours following the keynote, and they all lament the boredom, note the lack of new gadgets or much sought after features for existing gadgets, and point out the general lame-ness of this year's MacWorld Expo.
I think I've figured it out. The keynote - and by extension MacWorld - was sabotaged on purpose. Apple & Mr. Jobs (I don't presume to call him "Steve", since he han't taken enough of my money ... yet) are planning something on their own, a major announcement where we'll get the new Mac Mini, push for corporate email, and the tablet mac no one will shut up about. Except the last item. I don't see that for a few years, if ever. Others have pointed out that the arbitrary timing of MacWorld meant that Apple was working on someone else's time table, and this goes against Jobs' idiom as I have observed it. Part of his genius is releasing things in his own good time. There are likely products that they waiteds for MacWorld to release that we could have seen in time for Christmas in years past, or the occasional product that should have spent another month in development.
No, the lack of new stuff, the lack of ships today, and the lack of Jobs means that Apple is up to something.
Even though my moth-eaten wallet likely won't support whatever alumino-glassy electro-sex Mr. Jobs will be announcing (let's call it ... February?), I'll still be following the "live-blogging" with my mighty F5 key, dreaming of the day when I'll be the proud and pretentious owner of the latest fun-box from Mr. Jobs' Fantasy Laboratory.

Semi-related update:

A mere day after my ode to online TV, I tried to continue my efforts at watching B5 on video.aol.com, only to find that the episodes were gone! Using my Christmas iTunes gift card ( this is the bit related to the above) I bought the rest of season 3, streaming it from the macbook to the mac mini (wirelessly) that it connected to the TV, watching it in reclining comfort, full screen. I was happy in the knowledge that thewb.com (beta) had season 4 waiting for me on their site, and finished out Season 3. I fired up the browser to thewb.com and pulled up their B5 page, only to find that season 4 had been supplanted by season 5. Buggers!
I've been buying Season 4 from iTunes. Honestly, it's less hassle than the online TV, and I make do without my mental sorbet, but what the hell? I'm likely to just pick up used copies of the DVDs at this point, since I found them for $20 on amazon.com.

Completely Unrelated:
pbfcomics.com is indeed back online, and some of the strips in my RSS feed looked new to me. I was happy.

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