13 January 2009

Garden Ramble: Special Winter / Farmer Zoe Edition

I haven't read the last ramble; I likely should before proceeding. Nah. If you had a burning question about something I left unresolved you'd have asked it by now.
So it's January. The light at my window at work is far and away superior to anything I have at home, so while my little work plants flourish, my domestic horticultural efforts languish. I don't remember the light being this hard to find last Winter, but I think we had fewer curtains (and higher gas bills) then.
Beyond house plants, I'm mostly kicking myself for not getting out and completing my final round of winterizing like I'd wanted to. There is a new garden I'd begun that Jake has instead seen fit to use for his necessaries. That'll teach me not to put up a fence. I never got the compost laid down in the Fall, but I imagine it'll do no harm if I do that come Spring. I'll be out there putting up the bird net anyway.
But birds weren't a problem? You ask. You're right, they weren't. Zoe, however, has been. I'm thinking bird net is enough to keep her out while making it easy enough for me to move in. Two Summers ago she was eating my tomatoes, this Fall she ate the broccoli. No, not the good stuff. The leaves and stalks of the broccoli that I was hoping would bear fruit before the killing frost. Apparently broccoli stalks are delicious to dogs. Farmer Zoe. Ulcerated Rob. Ugh.
I mostly stare out the back window and dream of what will be come Spring, my actions as dormant as the tulip bulbs I meant to plant in December, but still sit on top of the refrigerator by the back door.

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