24 December 2008

Anecdotal Evidence to the Contrary

Headlines like these:

Final holiday push: Empty stores

leave me scratching my head. Where are these empty stores with reduced foot traffic? Why couldn't I find them so I could do my Christmas shopping there?
I finished my shopping this Saturday afternoon. I tried to go counter-clockwise around the mall to get from Sam's to Kohls, and spent 20 minutes sitting in TRAFFIC. At the VALLEY MALL.
I finally bailed and parked at Macy's and went in.
Sure, I guess the economy's bad when I actually consider purchasing items at Macy's (usually a load of over-priced merchandise trading on a parade and a couple of movies), but ultimately that was happenstance because I saw an empty parking space and took it - outside Macy's.
And sure, I was able to proceed clockwise around the mall and get to Kohls in short order, but the Mall itself was packed with people. PEOPLE. buying THINGS.
I always knew Hagerstown was behind the times, but this is ridiculous.

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