10 November 2008

Victory is Mine!

No, this is not the long-awaited post-election essay where I posit how even though the candidate for whom I voted lost that the candidate who won deserves a chance to govern before we begin to criticize. No, my friends, I'm still marinating that post.
This victory is all the sweeter. It's likely genetic in nature, though to be honest scientists are still trying to figure out if our blessing (or curse, thinking about all those #$%^&^# pairs of scissors in elementary school) is indeed genetic, or if some set of factors (the hand of God) must be present in the womb for this wondrous ability to take shape.
Yes, friends, my sister has sent me photographic evidence that left-handedness is alive and well in the next generation of my family:

Let us all rejoice! I promise that he shall never suffer (long) the indignity of bad-scissors - those long-neglected paper-chewing apparati that are allowed to stand in for the fine instruments of atomic-rending that the other children use - or any of the other tricks I've learned. Mostly, that since we're lefties, we have the upper hand in any fight that begins with a handshake. I also plan to start petitioning his mother to put him in little league, given how valuable lefties are to the game of baseball.
Rejoice with me - I know of at least one confirmed leftie out there who reads this on occasion.
Victory is Ours.

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