16 November 2008

Review: Quantum of Solace &c.

If you've seen Bond, if you liked Casino Royale, you'll enjoy this one. It's really that simple. Go watch it, and tell me that the opening scene doesn't convince you that the new Bond is Jim Sweeney.
Now, I have 2 points of contention with NPR's coverage of this film.
Point the first: Weekend America just this afternoon stipulated that there were no gadgets on this film. Way to be wrong, gang. There was no Q outfitting gadget scene, and there were no pen bombs, but that slick table (think Microsoft Surface) at MI-6 and the facial recognition software in Bond's phone sure looked like gadgets to me. It doesn't have to be encased in plastic to be a gadget, and just 'cos you see it every week on CSI doesn't mean it's real. Tenuously I'd argue to include the fuel cells in that list, too, but that's reaching.
Secondly, the "Music Geek", or whichever nerd-chic name he calls himself, the "blogger" interviewed on NPR about the Bond theme who poohed all over this theme? Have another frappuccino and shut up. That was a decent tune; you're as bad as the Star Trek nerds who are rending their garments because the new Enterprise isn't identical to the 1960's model (which is sexy as hell, but then so is the new hotness).
Speaking of Star Trek, I saw the trailer for it. Hell yeah. May 9, 2009 can't get here soon enough.

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