09 October 2008

You got your Batman in my Lego(s)!

It might not be readily apparent to my readers, but Batman is my favorite superhero; not much of a stretch when you think about my BA and how he's the most psychologically, uhm, "freaking nuts" of superheros. Deadpool aside, I suppose, but that's another argument.
You will be familiar, however, with the Lego love (Hello weblegos). So when I saw that there was a Lego Batman game coming out (in the same vein as the Lego Star Wars games that have been so popular), I began to seriously consider breaking down and buying a game console. Because we're just not that big into video games (GASP). Though I am salivating over the hopefully pending release of Starcraft II (yet another weblog post).
My dreams were all answered for me when a certain wonderful pal who is my prime motivator when it comes to giving in to my dark side (Ray) presented me with his used PS2 and a fresh copy of Lego Batman for my birthday. The Mrs. and I were leaving for NYC that evening, so Batman had to wait.
A few days went by, and I found myself at home, alone with the dogs, on a Saturday morning where I should have been doing school work. The siren song of the PS2 called to me; I hooked it up to the TV, and put in Lego Batman.
Cursed for the lack of a memory card, I've had to replay the first level twice, and what will be for a third time when I get the memory card. This is ok. This is good, because it's helping me to get my reflexes back in order, and by the time I complete that inaugural for the third time, I should be able to just about clean it out.
I'm excited about this game, it's a lot of fun. Sure, it's fairly juvenile, too, but it's exactly what I need. There aren't any lengthy inventories to keep track of, no fiendishly over-wrought plot, and the music isn't a series of 30 second loops that get in the way of enjoying the game, like some other games I've sat through other people playing (Dragon Quest, Any Final Fantasy game, those other games like that; you know, those).
It's music is the Elfman soundtrack, it's visuals are reminiscent of the animated series, the back stories are from the comics (hey Tim Drake Robin, what's up), but the characters are definitely lego-shaped and the whole thing has an elementary school approach to the violence, which I like. It's uncomplicated.
If you take yourself and everything you do super-seriously, then don't worry about Lego Batman. If you like fun, Legos, or Batman, and own a PS2/Wii/PC/XBox/(but not on Mac - grr), then pick it up. Maybe I'll even let you be Robin - but you have to bring your own controller over.

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