04 October 2008

Wall St, Main St, F#$% YOU ST!

I'm as concerned as the next moderately well-read, intelligent, paying attention guy about the state of the economy, and my informed opinion is that the recently passed law authorizing the Feds to purchase up to $700 billion in stinky mortgages (which hopefully like fine cheese will age well), but sweet Lord in Heaven, I was about to tear my radio out of its mount and heave it onto the shoulder of Route 40 on my way home from work yesterday if I had to listen to one more politician mention Wall St. vs Main St.
I get it. We all get it. Booger-eating 2 year olds with a penchant for pants-wetting and Elmo get it at this point. WS v MS is a amazingly good short hand that allows a politician to say he's a man of the people (BS, I want to get elected to office for one term as a personal economic investment as much as a chance to get my opportunity to participate in the wheels of the Republic, and there are no poor policitians). But ENOUGH already. Move on. Find a new catch phrase. This one is already destined to be the bolded header in the text books for when they are discussing this era. Third subsection in the 21st century chapter, after "9-11-2001: Never Forget", and "2004-2006: Iraq and Roll" will come "Wall Street versus Main Street: America's 21st Century Economic Crisis".
My point is that after hearing it repatedly for weeks now, I was done with it. I could eat the same thing for lunch and dinner for a month if someone gave it to me without blicking an eye, but my ears don't work the same way. I need some auditory diversity.
So just as I'm about to exact violence against my car, does NPR magically feel my rage and move on? Oh no. They do the exact opposite; they rub salt in the wound, pour alcohol in my eye, they do this:

Where Wall St. And Main St. Collide — Literally

I laughed. Now I'm going to find the closest intersection of Main & Wall and take a picture of it, right after I widdle* on it.

*Yes, "widdle" means "pee", and no, I'm not really going to urinate in public. That might hinder my chances to get elected to Congress.

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