28 October 2008

Stillrich Wedding

Robyn and I, as "PhotoNorth" (we have a logo, business cards, and talent) shot the wedding of a former co-worker of mine this past weekend, in Boonsboro.
The weather was rainy which disappointed me because I had hopes of getting some posed shots out doors, since South Mountain is RIGHT THERE, and what with it being the end of October and all the leaves are turning. No dice. Just as well. The interior of Trinity Lutheran is a joy to shoot in; the white walls and roof of the Sanctuary bounce the light wonderfully, making for a much easier time with the posed shots than I'd had shooting my sister's wedding back in July. Christ's Reformed in Hagerstown has a Sanctuary that eats photons like they're marmalade.
The reception was at the American Legion in ... you guessed it, Boonsboro. Another building I hadn't yet been in, but another great location for shooting, with the light colored walls and drop-ceiling doing a lot of the reflecting work for me. Rooms like that always give a nice glow to the subject. They almost feel hyper-real to me when I'm looking at the photos later.
The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and the parents were proud. It was a good wedding and a good reception. I'll share a few pictures here after I've finished my processing.
Robyn and I were both wiped when 830pm finally rolled around, but I know I'm ready for another gig already.
Now then, to drum up some business.

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