19 September 2008

What If c Was Faster Long Ago...

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Think about it. Well, I already have, so I'll explain.
First, Star Wars is Space Opera, we all know. It was never meant to be based on anything resembling reality beyond the concepts of good, evil, and people. It's flat out fun spaceships best summed up with action figures and onomatopoeia.
That said, what if it were real, long ago? Also, what if c, everyone's favorite constant (the speed of light, presently somewhere around 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum), was higher back then?
Not only does "lightspeed"* travel become something that takes way less that 4 years to get from star to star, but suddenly E=mc^2 packs a bit more of a wallop, meaning that the Death Star superlaser could blow up a planet.
Additionally, long ago the universe was a smaller place, and one might argue that the very distances between the stars themselves might have been significantly less.
There you have it. It just popped into my head the other night watching Jedi on SpikeTV (specifically the Falcon jumping to lightspeed with Lando and his co-pilot at the controls as they head towards Death Star II) and I wanted to share. Because that's what this web-log thing is for.

*Han's "she'll make .5 past light speed" comment notwithstanding. Maybe he has a contraband Imperial PlotDrive hooked up?

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