06 September 2008

Got $20? Grab Someone and Go See Tropic Thunder!

Unlike most of my other reviews, I'm writing this one the morning after the movie, only because I was so keyed up from laughing (and the 50/50 coke/coke-zero - hey, Jack Black was in this movie!) that I was up 'til 3 am (we got home around 1230) finishing the paint job in the kitchen.
So, you see, I had too much paint on me to type on my white macbook!
The title sums up my feelings on the movie. It's the kind of movie after you see you want to go see again with someone new because there were jokes in it that you know they'll find so funny that unpopped kernels of popcorn will spontaneously burst forth into chewy buttery fluffs of goodness, charged with residual butter and funergy (funny + energy).
I want to drop some of the lines from this movie into this review, but they are so good when first experienced in context that I dare not spoil any of them for you. I will, however, say that I'd forgot Tom Cruise is in this movie. Normally I loathe giving that whack job any more of my money (I loved you in Top Gun, Maverick - also, The Firm rocked! I even loved MI and MI:II), but his was a supporting role. Not that he didn't steal the scene whenever he was in it. He did.
So I didn't mind that he gets a few percent of our ticket price. I mean, he does have a baby and wife to take care of, and it's not like his wife is getting much work.
But I digress. Tropic Thunder is the sort of movie that 5 minutes in you're already figuring out what else you won't be buying when it comes out on DVD, or for me, trying to figure out how long until it's at Target for $10. Because Rob doesn't pay more than $15 for a DVD, and even then it has to be a classic.
The Mrs. and I laughed non-stop in the mostly empty Friday night late show - by the way - in a theatre with maybe 20 people in it, what possesses some people to sit right behind you when they could just as easily move back another row and not be all up in your personal space?
Did I mention that I'm really, really glad that Robert Downey, Jr. has either a. finally kicked his addictions, or b. found a drug that lets him stay out of jail and making good movies? I used to pshaw when others touted his brilliance as an actor, but I must confess, he's good. I think he's one of my favorites, so much as I have a favorite actor.
Point is, Tropic Thunder would win awards, if comedies won awards. I haven't laughed this hard or often since Superbad; before that it was Super Troopers. Go see Tropic Thunder. You can thank me later.
Oh, and Ben Stiller starred in, co-wrote, produced, and directed the thing.

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