16 September 2008

Garden Ramble: Birthday Edition!

Today's #32 for me. I've been driving for as long as I was alive when I got my license. I've been gardening longer.
My folks finally got over to check out the garden, but of course not until Hanna had forced me to chop half the height from my Cosmo ... OF DOOM. Yes, friends, my 6 foot flowering annual is now a mere 3 feet, maybe 4, tall. And my chamomile gave up for the year.
Apart from what little watering has been required thank to the returned rains, I've sadly not enjoyed much activity amongst my flora. Largely because I don't want to dig around in the mud - one of the lessons I learned from my father was to not do planting in wet soil. Something about bacteria and rotting or something or other. So I stay out of the mud.
It looks like we'll get some fall radishes and carrots, though my lettuce and spinach are making me wonder - no sprouts from my leafy greens yet! The beans linger; when I plant the fall broccoli and cabbage dad gave me, I'll be pulling the beans to give (hopefully) the leafy greens some room to spread out. Speaking of broccoli, that which I planted in June has finally come to a head, and relatedly we've been enjoying some peppers from our patch.
Flowers are everywhere in the yard, even though the briefly brilliance of our sunflowers has faded, Zinnias and petunias and mums and butterfly bush and alyssum are in full bloom. That which I hoped so hard for in June I am enjoying in September. It was worth the wait (I'm still starting everything from seed in February). Oh! And Marigolds and dianthus. They are still representing.
So grows my contrary little garden, sanctuary away from the world, which I am looking forward to enriching with teh compost I've been working on all summer. Which I finally moved into a drainage-holed rubber/plastic trash can, which will hopefully bring forth a wonderful richness of flower and vegetable come next summer.

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