29 September 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to See Wicked

"No one mourns the Wicked".

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, my first Broadway show, beyond singing, dancing, and acting. I got all that, and it was freakin' awesome.
We were so close I could see the head-mics.
Wicked tells the tale of Elpheba, the "Wicked Witch of the West", from birth. Well, we see her birth, but we pick up the story with her at college. Turns out she and Glinda are best pals, and Elpheba was only ever trying to do good. I'm not giving away any more of the plot because it's too fun to witness yourself. It holds together nicely, even if it differs from the book, according to the Mrs.
The actors take a tight script and make it sing. You know what I mean.
I was impressed with what turns out to be the Broadway debut of Katie Adams, in her turn as Glinda the Good. I saw the slip that said understudies, but I didn't realize she was the understudy until Intermission.
Intermission, when I turned to the Mrs. and remarked that we didn't need an intermission because Act I seemed a full story in itself.
We were so close that I felt in danger of being poked by an over-excited chorus member with a wooden pitchfork. We escaped unscathed.
We we so close I thought the actor playing Elpheba's dad might expectorate/enunciate on us. We escaped un-salivated upon.
The actress playing Elpheba, apparently from the London cast, was fantastic herself.
I feel a better person for having seen this show, even if I can't hum any of the tunes. Not that they weren't catchy, just that I was so absorbed in the story my brain didn't register the melodies. Certainly I'll never watch the Wizard of Oz the same way again, and neither should you.
Preferably make the trip up to NYC to see it on Broadway, or check out a touring company if you must, but see it.
With your little dog, dodo, too.

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