22 September 2008

Flacco Fever

Well, it's not a fever, but definitely a cold. No rhinovirus was going to keep me from going the the game, no way. what should have been their third, but in fact was their second outing of the season, was a fantastic evening for football in Baltimore.
The Mrs. and I primed ourselves by walking the dogs after church, and then catching the first quarter of the 'skins game (I love football in HD) before heading back to Frederick to pick up her dad. The three of us then made our way into glorious downtown Baltimore where we parked and made our way to what I lovingly refer to as "Football Church".
Seated on high with a bird's eye view of the field (pictures forthcoming, promise!) I watched both the game and my fellow fans enjoying the game.
When Dawan Landry went down, we applauded hopefully and respectfully every time it looked like he might be getting up. Thank God he's going to be okay.
Even though the kid threw two picks yesterday, we still chanted "Let's Go Flacco" long into the 4th quarter. I'm shocked I have a voice today. I'm more shocked Ed Hockule actually called a fair game (I swear the officiators have had it in for us for years, some of the BS I've seen them call).
Perfect weather, good-enough-to-thump-the-Browns football, having great people to share the day with, and successfully navigating my way in and out of the Inner Harbor without getting lost at all made me a very happy Ravens Fan when all was done.
Now if I could just ditch this head cold!

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