12 September 2008

Another Semester Begins

This is an advance apology to everyone. I'm sure I'll still be web-logging with my usual (in)frequency, but I might be lax at responding to e-mails, returning phone calls, &c. over the next few months. You see, I've started another semester of grad school.
It's the time of year when I should be (nightly) poring over many volumes of management-level learning material, researching papers, answering study questions, and communicating with Group Members on Our Project. I say should because I often find myself working on anything but that.
I always get the job done, though, so group members stumbling across this little web-log need not worry. I never miss a deadline.
Point is, I'm either going to be nose-deep in work, or thinking I should be until December 5, when my last final exam is due. So, friends, I apologize if you call and I don't answer, or you e-mail/facebook/myspace me and I don't answer back - I'm going to be suffering under more self-inflicted guilt than a kosher Jew who loves the smell of bacon. I'll be trying to get some work done so I can get another piece of paper to frame on the wall. and more paper to put in my wallet.
I promise.

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