27 August 2008

My Latest Painting

We needed a new piece of art for the kitchen to go with the new paint job the Mrs. has been working so hard at, and I've been feeling the itch to abuse some canvas with some pigment.
But the eternal quandary: what to paint? Thankfully the sunflowers in our garden have become a focal point as well as matching nicely the motif in the kitchen.
So I studied the sunflowers, I figured out the techniques I would use to get the textures I want, and I started looking at what colors I needed to use. I think I put more effort into this painting that I have any other of my cave drawings. Save maybe the Snail King. I put a lot of time in that.
Point is, I'm fairly proud of this sunflower painting. I took a photo of it and added it to the paintings gallery. You might have noticed it, sitting to the right of these words, below the photo portfolio.
I'm happy with how it turned out. Happy enough to point it out to you. Both of you. My readers.
I'm thinking of calling it "With Apologies to Van Gogh".

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