25 August 2008

L'amour Internationale

The drive down US 15 to Manassas is gorgeous, as picturesque as the weather on Saturday as I drove to my gig. A gig, you say?! I do. A friend of mine had asked me to shoot her cousin's bridal shower. Helping out a friend while making a few dollars and having a destination for a country drive on a Summer Saturday? How could I say no?
I loaded up the car with my gear and made my way down. Of course I was way early. I'm either incredibly early or fashionably late; if you're paying me to be there I always err on the side of "hey, you're early". I drove around the neighborhood a little. In a word, 'picturesque'.
The location for the shower / shoot was the bride's parent's house, and while I was limited in how much room I had to move around, I had a good vantage point and was able to take some really cool natural light shots with the sunlight that streamed in through the windows.
My employers for the afternoon were friendly and very comfortable with me there shooting, which is always a plus. There was, to coin a phrase, a lot of love in the room, and I found myself smiling along with the party.
I did remind myself a time or two to keep my mouth shut (which, being a know-it-all, was a personal triumph). This was not a gig where my input was to be sought (save for some posed shots). This was a time for me to melt into the scenery, nothing more than the momentary glow of the flash, or click of the shutter. Arguably my favorite kind of shooting.
At the end of the afternoon I had made hundreds of exposures, but a good number of those were the chaff of shots taken right before and after the moment I captured, or the occasional over exposure, and of course the usual round of warm-up shots that were unnecessary and redundant when examining the body of work for the day.
I picked out 58 of the most indicative shots of the day and tossed them up into my Picasa Gallery:

These are straight from the camera.
- -
This was my last gig as a solo act - moving forward I'll be scheduling / working / planning things out with my business partner, Robyn. We're still hashing out the details, but as she and I have a love for this, I can see great things ahead.
Oh, and why "International Love"? While the bride-to-be is an All-American girl, her betrothed is from Morocco. How cool is that?

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