04 August 2008

It Truly is a Globe of Diminutive Proportions

So by means I won't go into in print, I recently discovered the handle of a very, very old friend whom I haven't seen in, well, almost 20 years? Wow. And so being the curious sort I am, I dropped said handle into Google, and found his blog.
To be honest, this post is something of an experiment to see if he googles himself (greenie2600, do you?)
If he does, or even if he doesn't, I can only say this: time has borne me out and shown that indeed Apple computers are superior to Commodore computers.
I doubt he remembers that argument that we had, uhm, almost 25 years ago?
Okay, I'm feeling old. I'm going to stop this post and have a lie down before I over-exert myself.


greenie2600 said...

Hah! I just discovered this post, six years after the fact. The Internet is strange.

Unknown said...

Took you long enough. Heh.

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