27 August 2008

I'm Older Than the Lego Guy


He's 30 as of 8/25/08. I'll be 32 on 9/16/08. I had no idea that I was almost 2 whole years older than the most stalwart of my childhood companions.
Ok, fine, one of my most stalwart adult companions, too. I'll admit to having made some models to a smaller scale as of late, but the best are those that incorporate my little yellow plastic buddies. I didn't spend all those hours figuring out all the tricks to build the best "airtight" cabin for my pilots to turn my back on them now!
There is a three day weekend coming up.

Happy Belated Birthday Lego guy. May your next 30 years be dog free, and may you always come back from your missions with all the parts you left.

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