27 August 2008

Gardening Side Note

Exciting news from the garden!
I've been trying to compost - not out of some benighted hippy need to save the planet, but because it makes sense to use all our vegetable toss-aways as free fertilizer - and I say "trying" because the dogs think the compost pile is actually a doggy salad bar. Rgh.
I went to all the trouble this Spring to buy 1x that I sawed into stakes, nail black mesh to it, and drive the stakes into the ground. It was a really cool triangular ... thing ... for holding the rotting vegetable matter. But Jake and Zoe are smarter than they let on; at least where their stomachs are concerned.
So I've bought a 23 gallon plastic trash can with lid for the compost. I was so excited after getting home from dinner with my sister (Brother's interview mojo pizza - you heard it here) and her family (after which I went to Lowe's and bought the trash can) that I drilled a series of holes in the thing and went out in deepest twilight and forked and shoveled the compost into the can. No more puppy smorgasboard, much more free fertilizer.
Oh, and I bought this neat little bird ard ornament thing for like $5.
Now if we could only get a good long rainstorm! In fact, I'm tagging this with the Thunderstorm tag, in case it works like some sort of 21st century cybertronic intertubes webnets rain dance.

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