25 August 2008

Garden Ramble: Say Hello to Phase III

There's life in the old beans yet; at least another dinner's worth, I wager. I've planted carrots, radishes, peas, lettuce, and spinach for a fall crop, hopefully not too soon. The weather has cooperated nicely, mind you. Summer sun, but not the heat of Global Warming fears. Nay, our backyard is, dare I say, lush?
Well, lush-ish (try not to spit if you're reading aloud). My flowerbed of woes has become a focal point of pride as zinnias, dianthuses, sunflowers, and the butterfly bush all conspire to weave a tapestry of color, a joy for the eye to behold.
Still no broccoli, though a pair of aromatically delicious cucumbers have found their way from vine to plate. Peppers are growing, having survived the squash onslaught. Squash round 2 has not fared so well - my one attempt at transplant so far has met with failure. Just as well, I have more plants that I could still move into the ground!
The word is "petunias": We picked up a pair of flats of nice looking petunias for about $20, and I have been steadily rotating them in to the planters on our porch. Soon the remainder will be the focal point of the "new" garden where there had been hedge and ivy before. Certainly lots of previously happy vermin (including the notorious litter bug) will be less than thrilled with this botanical revival of our sidewalk-facing dirtspace. I may acquire some perennial mums to punctuate the space.
Herbally I am pleased with the sophomore efforts of the peppermint and sage plants, as well as the now-gone cilantro, the latter having seeded itself into an annual return. I am confident in my hopes that my new perennials will avoid any canine indiscretions this winter.
My houseplants turned outdoor plants have another month or so before the nights grow too cold for their tropical leaves, but snake plant, poinsettia, and rubber tree plant have all grown phenomenally this summer! So much so that the snake plant is due for a transplant (and perhaps some segmentation into different pots). My present snake plant grew from a cutting my father took from my snake plant that we brought with us when I moved from A to B to C back in 2003.
I'm still thinking ahead to my 2009 garden, and in true Murray fashion I'm aiming at expansion; the vegetables just plain need more room, and I need to be able to move between them (time to move to beds). There's a new flower/bird bath garden I'm planning for this year yet (though planted with bulbs not planning to flower until Spring '09), and if that &^%$@$%^ bare patch in the grass that I"ve had cordoned off all summer doesn't sprout grass by next May, it's becoming my next flower patch.
Oh, and we love the sunflowers so much we're thinking of simply planting them all along our shared fence. Nothing like a $5 quasi-privacy fence.

p.s. One of these days I'll update my garden photos.

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