06 August 2008

Garden Ramble: Answers to Yesterday's Boiling Question

I know it was a brief mention yesterday afternoon, but I'm sure the curious among us are dying to know about the corn I grew from popcorn seeds. It was


delicious! A bit tough, and the kernels were definitely small and popcorn sized, but it had a nice robust flavor, and adapting to the chewy texture was surprisingly easy. It was good enough to make me want to grow a few stalks next year. I might just turn up some earth elsewhere in the yard and grow it, though. Seems a pity to waste perfectly good garden space on the stuff, since it grows in almost anything.
The green beans, friends, have earned a reprieve; there are a lot of blossoms on those plants I learned as I picked last night's other vegetable.
Finally, squash and peas are definitely done. One last lonely pea pod was snacked on by Francesca last night, and the dead squash vines were laid to rest on the compost pile.
Phase III for 2008 looms large.

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